September 23, 2015

Fleshlight Alien Male Masturbator (FL6885) is flawless

On Sale Oct 4th 2015
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  • Patented super skin material is soft, flexible and durable
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Safe, non-toxic and phthalate free
  • Patented super skin material is soft, flexible and durable
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Safe, non-toxic and phthalate free

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I used atroglide on it before to get down to business. It is not all that tight, but the suction upon pulling out more than makes up for that. Keep the cap screwed tightly, and it’ll feel awesome. I was not quit long enough to reach the narrow end through the large end, but I solved that problem by just removing the sleeve from the case, turning it around, and penetrating the narrow end directly. Those little bumps on the stamina trainer were awesome and drove me outside my mind. I certainly felt a more thorough release and greater satisfaction than I’d ever felt from my hand.

I could recommend this, for certain. It’s a must have for any sexless man.

 is great, but read this before getting it if you want to save some money

Is it worth the cost:

To 1st get this out of the way, I was rather embarrassed at 1st to be to get this thing. I’m usually not shy but this seemed, at 1st, to be a bit much. Then I realized, just look at all the wild looking gadgets out there for women. Is not it about time MEN had something new and thrilling to take pleasure in as well? I confess, I experimented with more “traditional” variations on this item and found them wholly uninteresting. I never thought I could attempt another but a female friend mentioned this item to me and, on a whim, I went for it. I have read many reviews stating it to be mediocre at best and have come to say that nothing may be farther from true. I think, without meaning to seem offensive, that it all has to do with the anatomy of the man using it. I can see how it could not be a right fit for everyone. That said, the great thing about this line of merchandise is the number of alternatives they have. For me, this one feels new and thrilling. The textures and shapes are unlike anything else. I particularly love that there are three distinct feels from the entry, the initial spiral and the big “fingers” on the inside. There’s an added surprise with the “pop” of suction felt right after the spiral bit. I find myself adjusting the suction using the airflow at the bottom of the unit during a session, starting tight, then loosening up, slowly, till it slides quite freely only to clamp down again right at the end. As I see it, women’s toys are made to give them something “different” than what a normal human can. I’m happy to see that the good people of “Fleshlight” developed a product that does the same for men. I hope that it’s one of many innovations to come as I’ll gladly buy another if it’s interesting enough.Read more & 8250;

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Related Male Masturbator Alien Comments:
I had been looking at them for years and felt that the time was right for the performance and pricing that was available. We bought our son We Vibe 4 for Christmas and we found it for a great price here. I did purchase this at a retail store and not through Amazon and actually got it for a lower price but I think it is worth asking price.

Masturbator Male technical ratings and MSRP
MSRP: 1145561 reviewer: 2798394 Masturbator comparison: 4484863
Male reviewed: 5948893 Alien rate: 3722601 Fleshlight coupon : 8695746
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